About Us

We provide the ultimate travel thank you gift…Cash Travel Savings Cards.

Want to thank customers, vendors, family, friends or aquaintances?

Our platform, which is the same source all other major travel suppliers get their products from, shows you the best rates offered by online travel companies. Then we’ll provide you with the cash savings codes to deduct from those rates.

These are real cash savings. There’s no gimmick.

Recipients don’t have to:

  • join any groups,
  • sell anything,
  • sign up for any timeshare presentations or
  • any sales presentations.

They can travel:

  • when they want;
  • where they want;
  • with whom they want.

There are no blackout dates.

They just vacation.

Our travel platform provides access to over 1 million global hotels and resorts, rental cars, family activities.

Our travel platform offers multiple languages, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.

Our travel platform accepts multiple currencies.

Our travel platform provides you with a meta-search similar to Kayak or Trivalgo which will list all the prices by the major online travel agents.

Pick the best rate then deduct your savings. That’s it.

Here’s the best kept secret in the travel industry.

Did you know the biggest travel website brands are owned by just TWO companies!

That’s right it’s Expedia or Priceline.

Expedia Group owns Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotels.com, Trivago.

Priceline Group which owns Booking.com, Kayak,Open Table and Agoda.

These companies claim to offer the best prices while just competing with themselves.

When you partner with us you can offer a high real dollar value incentive at a very low cost.

We represent the ultimate low cost, high value, gifting and incentive travel platform in the industry.

Now you can use our technology and strategic partners, to get you the best travel savings, in the most user friendly way.

Instead of being manipulated online and paying high retail travel prices , you become your own travel agent.

So whether you want to do a nature hike by yourself in some remote area or get to a theme park with a group, we can make that happen so that it benefits you and your lifestyle.

Give your customers, vendors, family, friends or acquaintances travel and vacations that connect them with their loved ones and their souls.