Grow Your Business By Giving Away Money For Travel

The Best Part Is...It's Not your Money!

Here’s how:


Grow your business by allowing your best leads, clients and employees to:

  • Vacation More Often and 
  • Stay in Better Accommodations For Less Money.

 Use these travel incentives good in over 1 Million hotels & resorts worldwide for lead generation or to thank valued customers.

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​The Best Way To Show Your Appreciation Is The Gift Of Travel

How it works:

Well let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you’re having a open house. Imagine giving away $200 worth of free travel to anyone that comes.

People may not keep your card now, but they will, if there’s a $200 travel certificate on the backThose cards don’t get thrown away.

You can sell your product at $199 and you can give your discount card at the value of $200. The value of the discount already compensates the cost of your product and your customer will love it.

You can also replace other giveaways like key chains, pens or note pads with this wonderful gift card. Do you think the customers will like one of these giveaways?

Or do you think they’ll like a $200 discount on their travel expenses?

Research shows that 75% more people care more about getting travel discounts than traditional promotional items like key chains, pens, calendars and notepads.

Provide your customers with the legitimate value and reward them with travel money. Nobody’s going to forget that or you.

How can you apply for this opportunity?

You have two options to choose from 
1 Our High End CR 80 – 30 millimeter PVC, UV finished cards 
2 Virtual incentives you can email, message or text

The plastic card is the customized front end classic credit card-like, back end has an actual saving amount that you can select as to what you want to offer as a gift incentive. If you choose to have $200 on the back of it, the recipient can use this to get a travel discount of $200. 

Do you really think they’re going to throw away two hundred dollars?

Of course not!

People can use this code and redeem the discount when they book their hotels or other travel facilities the next time they travel.

Next is the virtual electronic code

This provides the ability to receive the CSV file which you will be able to export the file to any marketing campaign, electronic certificate, whatever you may have.

These are gifts that everyone will use and remember. Also, when they use their travel discount your customer will think of you and your business.





Start by getting your own $200 free travel bonus so you can try it out for yourself. Just tell us where to send your ​very own virtual electronic code. Enjoy your trip!